Mmd gamechap v4 by rockettheracer-d5riwug

This game is another console game by Cynder Rush. Again, it doesn't exist because she doesn't have the technology on her laptop. If it was real you would be able to get it on the Wii and Xbox.


The gameplay would consist of 30 'chapters' which are like the levels. The aim would be to find the culprit of several strange goings-on at a village near their house. Pressing C on the wii and RB and LB on the Xbox will allow you to switch between playing as Gamechap or Bertie.


Sometimes you will need to fight bad guys on some levels. To attack you press B or Z on the wii and RT or LT on the Xbox.

Gamechap's attacksEdit

B/RT to slash with the golden sword of justice.

Z/LT to swing the golden sword of justice round in a 360 degree turn.

Bertie's attacksEdit

B/RT to throw a stick od dynamite.

Z/LT to set off some TNT.


  • The game and all of the attacks is based on the popular youtube double act.
    • This is because Cynder Rush prefers them to any other youtube Minecraft person.
    • She also hates Sky.
  • In the cutscenes the ground is like the real world but when playing the ground is blocky, like Minecraft.



The game would be rated E as a joke. Also because of mild fiting.